Crystals For Mental Wellbeing and Security

There are some great crystals that can be worn or carried to help the bodies natural healing as well as support any current medical treatment for mental wellbeing.

Here are some examples of crystals you can use for various things;


Rhodocrosite, Smokey Quartz & Amethyst, these bring balance and calm, grounding energies and soothing emotionally. Blue lace agate can also be helpful as a beautiful soft calming energy ‘natures comfort blanket’.


Quartz with Chlorite, kunzite, lepidolite, Lithium and Lithium candle quartz.  These crystals balance and aid to reducing the cycling between depressive and manic phases assisting in finding a middle space of balance.


Carnelian, citrine, fire agate, orange calcite, danburite, malachite, peridot.

These comfort and sooth, building confidence and inner strength and from strong foundations of ‘self’ you are then able to feel more secure and comforted.


Amethyst, citrine, lithium candle quartz, candle Quartz, orange calcite, honey calcite, carnelian.

These crystals will help balance and uplift emotionally and assist in seeing the world with clear eyes. Seeing there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Emotional Balancers/ Grounding Emotions

Chrysocholla, Unakite, Chalcedony, Rhodonite, Fluorite, Kunzite.  These assist in grounding emotions into reality preventing over and disproportionate reactions.  Soothes and calms the emotions.

This should go without saying however, it is important to note that crystals are not to be used in place of modern medicine. It is important that you follow the advice of medical practiotioners that you are receiving treatment from.


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Fluorite Flame 1bIt is a highly protective stone especially guarding again psychic attack; it discourages chaos and can help bring order to chaos. It cleanses, purifies and dispels negative energies of all kinds.

Fluorite is said to help bring impartiality, unbiased and detached reasoning to situations helping take an objective view. It can also help dissolve fixed/rigid patterns of behaviour bringing with it self confidence.

A great aid when studying/learning as it helps absorb and process information. It helps understand the balance that is important to any relationship and can stabilise emotions.

Chakra: Heart, Crown – see specific colours of Fluorite.

Folk Remedy:

It is said to be of benefit to balance and coordination. Of benefit to; teeth, bones, treatment against viruses (as an elixir), mobilising joints, colds, flu, sinusitis, pain relief, and said to help heal wounds and skin removing blemishes and wrinkles.


Helps develop thoughts in an orderly manner and assists in clear and concise communication. It is said to be beneficial in eye, nose and throat conditions and can invoke spiritual awakening.

Chakra: Throat


Energises the aura, aligns the chakras, and is said to bring harmony of the intellect and the spirit. It is believed that it can be used to clear the eyes to eliminate obstructions from the iris and pupil to improve sight.

Chakra: Crown


This can help dissipate emotional trauma in the emotional body and reduce negativity Madagascan fluorite crystal pebblesfrom a room. It grounds excess energy and brings information from the subconscious mind and accesses intuition. It is believed to be beneficial in disorders of the stomach and is an auric, mental and chakra cleanser.

Chakra: Heart


Stimulates the third eye and brings rationality to intuitive qualities and can enhance psychic communication. It is excellent during meditation, and assists in psychic and spiritual growth. It is thought to be of benefit to disorders associated with bone and bone marrow and emotional healing.

Fluorite RwFlu001a

Chakra: Third eye


It enhances creativity and is said to provide support with intellectual pursuits. In group situations it is said to bring stability to the collective energy and promoted cooperation in connection between all the members.

It is said to be of benefit in the treatment of unbalanced cholesterol, liver disorders, and release of toxins from the body.

Chakra: Solar plexus

Promotes wealth and mental acuity, and teaches principles of manifestation. It also assists in service oriented activities.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Sacral, and Root

This is a relatively soft crystal 4 on the Mohs scale so handle with care, especially in the case of jewellery.


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Are My Crystals Bringing Me Negativity?

So someone asked in the Maddogg Designs crystal group if their crystals were causingAdobeStock_81049944.jpeg them to feel negative or brining them negative energy.  It is important to make sure your crystals are cleansed and I have a series of YouTube Videos and blog posts about how to do this.  So that their energies do not become stagnant or flat.  If they have absorbed any negativity from the atmosphere because there has been a lot of negativity in the space they won’t simply dump the energy onto you.  So relax, cleanse them and allow the universe to transmute the negativity into positivity.

If  you find that when you are carrying the crystals you become emotional or overwhelmed it is normally a clear indication that there are blockages that are being cleared and old patterns of being and emotions that need releasing.  If it is feeling overwhelming then I would recommend that perhaps you placed these crystals to the side for a time and return to them when you feel ready, or limit the time you are working with them.  It could easily feel that the crystals are bringing up negativity however if you are being repeatedly drawn to crystals that do this it is more a reflection that your inner self is ready to grow, release and move forward.  Moving forward is difficult to do if there is unfinished business linked to the past that needs to be let go of.

Does this mean you should get rid of the crystals?

No, not at all. I would simply cleanse them and let them be somewhere safe until you are ready to work with them.  However if you are still finding that you feel uncomfortable and want to re home them then here are a few suggestions rather than throwing them in the bin to go to landfill.

  1. cleanse them and go for a walk place them in odd places for others to find them
  2. Cleanse them and donate to charity
  3. Cleanse them and as you hold each crystal ask them if they would like to go to a friend and then see who’s face pops into your mind and give them as a gift.

This way they will find new homes with people that will be able to give them a new home and by the same token the crystal can then assist them on their healing journey.

If you want to know more about crystals or have any questions then why not join the Maddogg Designs Crystal Group.

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Crystals For Dreams

Dreaming with Crystals


Dreams are so powerful they can affect our mood a great deal from nightmares that leave us feeling on edge to beautiful lucid dreams that leave us feeling refreshed and inspired.  Crystals have been used for healing and spiritual development for many centuries and there are several crystals that can be used to enhance dreams whether it to calm and soothe nightmares or to enhance dream recall (important if working with a dream journal).

I have chosen a selection of crystals that can be used for different aspects of dreaming and working with dreams it is by no means and exhaustive guide but it gives a good starting point for using crystals in dream work.


A stone of balance it is a perfect crystal for children who have restless nights or Large Amethyst Crystal Coreprone to nightmares or even night terrors.  Place a polished piece under the pillow or a larger crystal by the bed or underneath, Amethyst is self cleansing and although profound in its action it is not overwhelming.  For babies I have placed a small polished crystal under the mattress so that there is no risk that the baby will swallow the crystal it is also possible to tape the crystal to the bottom of the cot or mosses basket.


Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a perfect crystal to use if you are thinking of keeping a dream journal.  Black Obsidian Arrow headIt helps with lucid dreaming and also dream recall.  With perseverance it can be possible to remember multiple dreams.  However always ensure that the journal is close to the bed and write the dream down as soon as you wake.  Like the Amethyst a large piece can be placed by the bed or underneath or a smaller polished crystal can be placed under the pillow.  Unlike Amethyst this crystal will need regular cleansing, I recommend placing obsidian out for cleansing once a month with the full moon.  For some black obsidian can be a little too strong anf the dreams a little to vivid, if this is the case try a slightly gentler form such as rainbow Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian.

Cherry Opal

This is ideal for anyone who is having vivid dreams of any sort with certain aspects really ‘sticking out’.  It is wise to record these points in a journal as it is a Cherry Opal Tumbled Stonesclear indicator of the subconscious working on things and highlighting areas for energy release or requiring some inner work to push through blockages and gain breakthroughs.  At times dreams may take the form of nightmares which often clearly highlights underlying fears and blockages.  Cherry opal comes into its own here as it assists in insight to the root cause of a discomfort and assists (like having a best friend support you and hold your hand) in working on and releasing these blockages. 



This assists in insight into dreams and their causes especially if it is a nightmare.  It sooths and calms and assists in inner work to release the discomfort as well as giving insight into how situations that may have caused the nightmare may be remedied. Lepidolite Tumbled Stones


Crystals working with dreams are often best placed in the bedroom or under the pillow however they can also be worn and carried as you are guided by your own intuition as to what will work best for you.

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Crystals For Relationships – Soulmates/Twinflames

Over the years I have been asked over and over again for crystals that can assist in improving or attracting the right relationship with a partner.  It is so important to be clear that carrying a crystal alone will not magically fix a situation or bring Mr/Mrs right knocking on your door that evening.

Like anything in the universe it can act as a tool, catalyst if you like to help you take the right action to improve your attitude to yourself and therefore that change in your relationship with yourself then attracts people closer to you increasing the chances of meeting the right person.

carnelian h

It is important to work on the relationship you have with your innerself first.  As I have mentioned before if you are confident and love and respect yourself you will attract relationships to you that reflect this inner strength.  So work on your inner being first and the outside worth will reflect where you are.

There are great crystals that you can work with for this such as cherry opal, rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodocrosite, etc.  Carry these with you whilst using other techniques such as journaling, eft, nlp etc to release the past and allow healing and rebalancing of your inner self.

Carry these crystals with you when you are going out and about your daily life and listen to that inner voice that gives you nudges of inspiration.  Such as; you suddenly feel drawn to joining a class, going out with friends or you suddenly need to run an errand and whilst you are following these nudges you meet someone.

The main thing working with crystals will do is help you be more open and receptive to these nudges.  However if you choose not to act and simply sit at home waiting then you are hindering the process as well as reducing the likely hood of meeting that person.  When working with crystals to manifest something you need to be clear about what it is you want and then take action as and when

Twin flame quartz is also a great crystal for bringing that energy to a relationship area as is imperial topaz that has been specifically programmed for attracting a relationship.  Always remember to keep a sense of integrity when using crystals in this area and clarity is vital, if you are unclear about what you want you could bring a lot of different situations till you gain clarity and then things click into place.

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Crystals For Relationships -Empowerment

It is all to easy with relationships to slip into bad habits of trying to please people, trying to be someone that you are not because you are attempting to be what you think is expected of you.  It is so important to have a strong sense of self so that you are coming from a place of strength and can see clearly how your relationships are.  There can be times when it is best to part company from certain relationships.

Crystals such asFire Agate Tumbled Stone fire agate connects to ones inner god/goddess showing the user inner strength and empowering them to step into all their power. Bringing with it a sense of confidence, courage and creating strong roots so if a relationship becomes negative, imbalanced it does not shake your core belief and love for yourself.  You are then able to calmly re- balance the relationship or walk away if need be.  It brings calm and centeredness also.

For those of you who may be experiencing a difficult time within some of your relationships, where you feel drained emotionally and energetically after being in the presence of certain people then carry a piece of Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz.  This will protect your energy field from being depleted.

carnelian h

Carnelian is also a perfect crystal as it is empowering and gently energising.  It sooths when it is needed and again assists in grounding energy adding to the sense of inner empowerment.  It also promotes joy as well as love.




Then there is also Tigre’s Eye which is powerfully protective, grounding and brings positivity and light to one’s self. Again perfect if there are people in your life that need your support however have a tendency to ‘zapp’ your energy levels.


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Daily Affirmations – To Help You Be Kinder To Yourself

Affirmations are a powerful way to reprogram your mind for a more positive outlook on life.  With your heart opening crystals and throat crystals in hand you can sit in meditation and quietly or out load repeat your mantra for a few minutes every morning.Angelite Tumbled StoneBlue Calcite PebblesLarimar Tumbled stones

I often carry my crystals in my bra so they are close to my heart and then as I do yoga in the morning I choose an affirmation for the day and repeat it with each breath, I found that this is such an empowering practice.

Dumortierite tumbled StoneExamples Of Daily Affirmations;

I love and approve of myself.

I am calm and relaxed.

I am love.

I create ______ ….. (fill in the blank)

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose itscontents.

I am vibrant with health and joy.

I radiate abundance.

I radiate love.

I love and accept myself.

I create new opportunities in every moment.

I have a positive impact in the world and the lives of the people I work with and live with.

Today, I am full of energy and overflowing with joy.

Amethyst Quan Yin

Simple Violet Flame Meditation


Find a comfortable position and then hold your crystal, Close your eyes and visualise a white light surrounding you as this radiates around you connecting you to spirit/higher consciousness.  Then see a blue light joining with the white connecting you to your inner power.  Then see a pink light joining with the white and blue filling the space and connecting you to divine love.  As you feel the light fill the space around you bring your attention to the sensation of purple/violet flames dancing about your feet playfully as you surrender to the sense of forgiveness and release see the flames raise up around you.  Sit in this space as long as you need to allowing emotions to bubble up to the surface and release and each time feeling the love and acceptance expand within you.  When you are ready thank each light and see them fade away, knowing that the lights always exist within your heart.  Open your eyes and just gently ground and rebalance yourself.


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Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal, that resonates profoundly with Reiki and other universal energy healing modalities. It connects deeply with ascended masters and the angelic realm.  It is a form of Zeolite.

apophyllite pyramids

It is perfect if you are looking to enhance and or heighten the healing energies within a treatment. It will raise the vibration of a space, uplifting and clearing the energies. These are rarely polished (it is a soft crystal so does not tolerate tumble polishing) so the easiest form to use them in is the natural pyramids that they form.


Apophyllite will help to open you up to spiritual awakening, by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy. Apophyllite may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. Use 5 of these pyramids in the house to grid your home, so you can feel better all the time (one in each corner of the house and one in the centre).


Apophyllite acts as a beacon of light conveyed from the higher realms and brings hope and positivity. It can be used to assist you from releasing negative thought patterns that maybe holding you back. Assisting you to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier within yourself.


When used in meditation they are a powerful tool in facilitating guidance from spirit, guides, angels, ascended masters (connecting strongly with Quan Yin). This is heightened if you place a pyramid on the third eye in a reclined mediation.

The name Apophyllite comes from Greek words meaning ‘get’ and ‘leaf’ which refers to its proclivity to exfoliate like a leaf when heated. It comes in a range of colours the most common; colourless and green. They are commonly found in combination with yellow Stilbite.Apoph .jpg

These stones form in a number of different configurations. They naturally occur in pyramids, as druzy crystals on another mineral, in clusters and in the massive form. These stones have a high water content, which gives them the ability to conduct electricity.

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Smudging crystals

Quite often people comment that they do not like the smell of Sage burning, there are lots of different varieties of Sage all with different scents.

The different sages all have different scents with green and blue having quite a dense ‘earthy’ scent and the white sage is more ‘resinous’. Sweetgrass as its name would suggest is sweet in scent and produces quite dense smoke.  Palo Santo is a tree so the sticks in the photo above are burning sticks from the tree that is a distant relative of the Frankincense tree. When burnt Palo Santo produces a lighter less dense smoke it is sweeter and more resinous and often more popular with those that find Sage a bit overwhelming.

Note: If burning herbs for cleansing to keep the window open to allow fresh air in.

If you have a sensitive chest and/or are asthmatic then smudging is perhaps not the best solution for you.

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Cleansing Crystals

I am often asked about cleansing crystals how to cleanse them, why you do it and when to do it so I thought I would answer those questions here.  There are several ways of cleaning crystals and that subject along could take a long time to explain so I will give a quick overview of each.

Why Cleanse CrystalsAdobeStock_58501659.jpeg

Cleansing is a term given to the energetic ‘washing’ or ‘cleansing’ of crystals.  Some crystals will naturally transmute energy so they do not absorb and retain energy.  However many crystals will absorb energy and retain it, a bit like draining a battery of energy when eventually when a battery hits a low level it can no longer power an appliance. A crystal that has absorbed as much as it can or conversely been trained of energy, will begin to feel ‘flat’ or lack lustre. The more you work with crystals the more you become aware of how they feel and notice when they just ‘don’t feel right’.  Cleansing helps ’empty’ the crystal or replenish the crystal depending on whether the crystal in question has absorbed to the max or been drained on energy.

AdobeStock_59885014.jpegHow To Cleanse

There are lots of different ways I have listed them below.

  1. Water – the quickest method simply place under running water until you feel ready to withdraw it.  Not suitable for salt crystals or toxic crystals (eg Malachite, Wulfenite, Selenite, Azurite, Stibnite, Chrysocholla, etc ).
  2. Smudge smoke – light the herb/stick waft out the flame then gently waft the smoke over the crystals – suitable for all.
  3. Sun and Moon cycle – place out in the morning of the full moon for 24-28 hours to have a day and night cycle.  Crystals that should not be in direct sunlight should be placed in dappled light (ie quartz can magnify the sun so is a fire hazard in strong sunlight, Amethyst and Fluorite are bleached by direct sunlight).
  4. Sound – Suitable for all; drum, bells, singing bowls, clapping, gongs, didgeridoos, etc.
  5. Energy – Reiki and other universal energy healing methods.
  6. Other crystals – Kyanite, Carnelian, Amethyst and Calcites to name a few crystals that can cleanse other crystals.
Small white sage

When To Cleanse

You might want to cleanse them as soon as you bring them home from an event.  To cleanse the energy from other people handling the crystal prior to you purchasing it.

As You familiarise yourself with the crystals that you are working with you will start to notice how it feels when you are working with it and then also the subtle changes in the crystals energy till it ‘feels flat’ or perhaps doesn’t look as bright or shiny as it once did.

This is a sure sign that the crystal will need cleansing and you can use any of th above cleansing suggestions to re energise the crystal.

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